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The nigella oil (Black Seed) is rich in essential fatty acids, entering the composition of lipids necessary for the cutaneous hydration. Replenishing, the linoleic acid participates in the reconstruction of lipids of the skin and favors the good cohesion of cells between them. It is thus the ideal partner of the skins which, with the age, lose of their flexibility and are lacking hydration. Contains vitamin E and carotenoids, two antioxidants known to fight against the appearance of the destructive free radicals of cells, and who thus protect from the skin aging.



This cream blends the highly antioxidant power of vitamins to the restructuring actions of the nigella oil. A superb energizing treatment with a deliciously silky smooth texture that melts on the skin conferring a perfectly velvety finish. It smoothes away fine lines, protects the original resilience of the epidermis. It replenishes and replumps the skin immediately and in the long term. Face features seem relaxed, the complexion is smoothed, radiant and full of vitality. For more efficiency, use together with our Intensive Lift Serum.
Designed for all skin types, in particular devitalised.
Directions for use : Every morning and/or evening, apply on a cleansed skin of face and neck. Massage lightly until completely absorbed.
REF. 501 - 50ml 1.7 fl.OZ.
Enduser price in Switzerland (incl. taxes) : CHF 97.00

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This ultra-soft formula confers an absolute instant glow to the skin, smoothing the micro-relief and imparting real freshness and radiance to the complexion. Rich in energizing, tissue-oxygenating and anti-oxidizing ingredients and nigella oil, it stimulates the natural cutaneous functions. It helps fade out signs of fatigue and stress and gets rid of the dragging sensation by delivering essential nurture to the tissues. Leaving the skin with a healthy radiance.
Designed for all skin types.
Directions for use : Morning and evening, smooth on thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and neck. Let it penetrate, then follow with the day or night treatment. Can be applied at any time for an instant beauty-flash.
REF. 504 - 30ml 1fl.OZ.
Enduser price in Switzerland (incl. taxes) : CHF 97.50

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Supersoft cream which offers an immediate beauty radiance boosting action, smoothing the skin’s profile and imparts true freshness and glow to the complexion. Thanks to a complex of actives and the nigella oil with energising, tissue oxygenating and anti-oxidising properties, it efficiently contributes to the reversal of the ageing process, stimulates the natural cutaneous functions, smoothes away signs of stress and fatigue and eliminates tugging sensations, drenching the skin with essential nurture.
Suitable for all skin types, in particular devitalised skin.
Directions for use : In the evening, apply on thoroughly cleansed skin of face and neck. Gently massage until completely absorbed.
REF. 502 - 50ml 1.7fl.OZ.
Enduser price in Switzerland (incl. taxes) : CHF 102.00

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This non-oily generous cream-mask is an excellent treatment for an instant beauty flash or as everyday care. Its formula intensely cleanses, balances the epidermis resourcing it, stimulating it and normalising its hydro-lipidic mantel. Thanks to their actives and nigella oil this luxurious mask offers double performance: moisture and firmness. It bestows a unique feeling of freshness and comfort to the skin. It beautifies the complexion conferring a silky-smooth mattified appearance. Lines and imperfections melt away, the shape of the face is redesigned. Ideal for an ultimate instant glow.
Suitable for all skin types.
Directions for use : Morning and/or evening, apply a thin layer of mask on cleansed skin of face. Let it act 10 minutes, then massage lightly. Rinse the surplus with clear water or remove with a pad soaked with toning lotion.
REF. 503 - 50ml 1.7fl.OZ.
Enduser price in Switzerland (incl. taxes) : CHF 94.50


Face Hair Body

Integral care oil for the face, body and hair, which combines the softening, emollient, regenerating and antioxidant properties of 4 precious oils: NIGELLE, ARGAN, BARBARIE FIG, JOJOBA, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The combination of these oils is excellent to prevent aging of the skin, delay the appearance of fine lines of the face and eye contour, firm and tone and prevent sagging of the skin of the body, heal the hair by giving them volume and incomparable brilliance.

It is perfect for anti-aging treatments and plays a very important role in rebuilding damaged skin, revitalizing the skin and giving it back elasticity, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

It allows the improvement of the skin condition of sensitive and weakened epidermis, particularly the points of support for the prevention of pressure ulcers in bedridden or dependent people but also children and adults.

Pamper your body and mind with a soothing massage that cares for your skin and relaxes your mind. The balanced composition of this oil is very easy to apply on your skin, penetrates quickly and does not stick. In addition, it captivates you with its very personalized perfume.
REF.607 - 100 ml 3.4 FL.OZ.
Enduser price in Switzerland (incl. taxes) : CHF 60.00

REF.606 - 500 ml 16.9 FL.OZ.
Enduser price in Switzerland (incl. taxes) : CHF 180.00

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Developed to offer the body an immediate feeling of well-being. Thanks to the combination of the chosen moisturising and soothing ingredients and nigella oil, this treatment regenerates the hydro-lipidic mantel and restores the natural defences of the epidermis. It improves tissue resilience, helps fight cutaneous unaesthetisms, helps to prevents premature skin slackening and ageing. For a firmer, sublimated, silky-soft skin.
Directions for use : After bathing or showering, apply liberally on the body using deep circular ascendant movements until completely absorbed.
REF. 605 - 200ml 6.7fl.OZ.
Enduser price in Switzerland (incl. taxes) : CHF 75.00

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